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Bringing your mobile vision to life with native apps for iOS and Android. We manage your mobile projects with precision and expertise in Swift, Kotlin, Objective-C, and Java.


Weaving the web of your dreams. Harnessing the power of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP to build dynamic and engaging websites that truly represent your business.


Designing interfaces that enchant and engage. We create seamless and intuitive UI for your web and mobile applications, turning users into loyal customers.


Connecting the dots in the digital world. We implement IoT solutions that breathe intelligence into your business, paving the way for a smarter future.

Cloud Platforms

Elevating your business to the cloud. We specialize in developing robust cloud platforms, servers, and APIs, propelling your operations into the stratosphere of efficiency and scalability.


Innovating today for your success tomorrow. We accompany you throughout the entire process of transforming your ideas into reality, driving the digital transformation your business needs.

How do we do?

Don't worry, we are by your side.

Our methodology is a four-part harmony of requirement specification, design, infrastructure, and development. Each stage will be carried out in close collaboration with you. Continuous communication forms the backbone of our approach, ensuring that your vision is woven into every aspect of the project. Together, we bring your digital aspirations to life.

Requirements Specification

In the requirement specification phase, we work with you to define your project and select the technologies that best fit your needs, setting the stage for successful development.


During the design phase, we meticulously craft the interface and navigation flow of your app or website, ensuring an intuitive and engaging user experience.


In the infrastructure phase, we handle the setup of servers and definition of services, creating a robust and scalable foundation for your digital project.


In the development phase, your vision takes shape, we build your project with precision and expertise for a high-quality, reliable result.

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Meet Our Team

The heart and mind behind your digital transformation.

Raúl Vidal Muiños
Raúl Vidal Muiños

Raul, the founder of Devinet, is a credentialed and multidisciplinary computer engineer with a Master's in Computer Science and Management. With over 12 years of industry experience, he excels in developing applications for iOS and web, as well as managing server infrastructures. His goal is to make technology accessible and user-friendly, and he is dedicated to providing customized solutions that simplify and enrich your digital journey.

Cristina Rodríguez Amorós
Cristina Rodríguez Amorós

Cristina, our Chief Financial Officer, pairs a solid background in Economics and Auditing with experience gained from one of the industry's most prestigious firms. Not a stranger to technology, Cristina has proven skills in application development, for both Android and iOS. Always ready to take on new challenges in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Cristina is a constant driver of innovation within our team.

Oriol Bassols i Colls
Oriol Bassols i Colls
Web Developer

Oriol, a specialist in Full Stack web development, melds his technical expertise with a notable understanding of digital marketing. His passion for history and strategy games intertwines with his creative thinking, which is evident in his ability to conceive and implement original and effective solutions in each of our projects.

Saray Magallanes Rodríguez
Saray Magallanes Rodríguez
Android Developer

Saray, stands out as a Multiplatform Applications technician with a fervent passion for everything related to technology. Specialized in Android development, also has skills in the field of web development. Her constant search for knowledge and improvement in the technology sector makes her a key player in the efficient realization of our projects. With unwavering commitment and exemplary dedication, Saray brings a new dimension of efficiency and enthusiasm to our team.

Sergi Mallén López
Sergi Mallén López
Web Developer

Sergi, our dynamic web developer, combines graphic design skills with specialized training from La Llotja school in Barcelona. A natural autodidact, he has perfected his craft through courses in various programming languages. He is a committed professional and also a colleague always ready to share a smile. Outside of work, Sergi delves into his passions: sports, history, cinema, video games, and travel, elements that add depth and fun to his work approach.

Aaron Fort Garcia
Aaron Fort Garcia
Web Developer

Aaron stands out for his passion for video games and sports, bringing an energetic and competitive approach to each of our projects. As a Computer Engineering student, Aaron not only possesses solid technical skills but also excels in fostering a collaborative team environment. His proactivity and ability to integrate his interests into programming translate into creative and efficient solutions. Always eager to learn and share his knowledge, Aaron is a source of inspiration and a driving force in achieving our team's common goals.

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